The Biggest Box Office Hits and Flops of 2018

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    1. This is list is in correct as hell. Please check something double before you do article like that. Avangers: Infinity Wars have first place worldwide at Box Office. They have more than 2 bilion.

    2. Crazy Rich Asians should teach H’wood that movies about contemporary life, when well done, are what interests audiences more than yet another Western or rehashed fairy tale, or ancient IP.
      let’s also not forget how King Arthur bombed last year

    3. The best thing about Wrinkle in Time is that if Oprah decides to run for President in 2020, you know Donald Trump will bring up how that movie bombed and Oprah was in it.

      • Most viewers (at least those who never read the book in fourth grade) didn’t know a thing about the story EXCEPT that Oprah was in it, and stayed away in droves.
        That, like Hillary’s ’08 campaign, should be early enough indication of Oprah’s popularity with the masses.

        As for Disney’s “fantasy failure” with the Nutcracker, that was just as weird-looking, but at least Wrinkle had an existing book to make it relatively sane.

    4. Venom is a hit that is hated by critics. It currently got only 28%, but it can potentially make $1 billion worldwide.

      Crazy Rich Asians might have been a hit in North America, but the film (surprisingly) bombed in China and most of Asia.

      • Venom, like Halloween, came out in an empty October front-loaded by an opening-weekend fan pilgrimage that was wishfully expected WAYYYY more from the movie than they got.
        There’s “Hits”, and then there’s “Hits” that are actually popular.

        And why was it “surprising” to find out that China didn’t want to see other countries’ movies about Chinese people?
        As “Fantastic Beasts 2” proved, we Americans didn’t want to see other countries’ ideas of what American people were like.

      • If you’ve SEEN the movie, that’s seriously debatable.
        Most credited Nutcracker as “Based on an overexposed Disney Tim Burton movie that so lost its trendy popularity eight years ago, that even the sequel tanked at the B.O.”

    5. The Sisters Brothers is an interesting film, but how did anyone think this small, strange, meandering Western would make a profit off a $38m budget? It should have cost a quarter of that. (And it would have still lost money!)

      • This is unfair.

        “True Grit” cost just as much, but was the biggest hit of the Coen brothers.
        (Megan Ellison was involved as an exec producer)
        “Hostiles” cost as much as “The Sisters brothers”, too, but was released wide.

        The budget was maybe too high, but not excessive.

        And this article is wrong, when it suggests that Annapurna paid for everything.
        They only bought North American rights for $ 7.5 mill., I read, which is a reasonable
        number, because it might make money through other platforms, since the western
        genre, Audiard’s name and the excellent reviews promise a longer shelf-life.

        The $ 9 mill. number is also NOT the final worldwide number:
        That’s only the combined box-office of the USA and France.
        (In France it did respectable business.)

        It’s still a great and unique western.
        I enjoyed it.

    6. “Though at $2 billion “Infinity War” brought in quite the bounty for Disney and Marvel, it isn’t included on this list because its P&A costs were twice those of “Black Panther.”

      And the extra 700 MILLION it made worldwide didn’t EASILY more then compensate for those costs likely between 100M – 200M. A pretty ridiculous omission based on a justification that doesn’t make much sense put under a magnifying glass.

    7. Some thoughts. Robin Hood is still a viable story. Try doing it straight up. Stop dumbing it down or updating and fixing it.
      When has Milissa McCarthy ever been worth $17 million?
      Sisters Brothers, a truly terrible name.

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