Wendy Williams Is OUT, Talk Show Announces Its New Famous Line Up


by Mike Walters Posted on January 27, 2022 at 12:21 pm
Updated on January 28, 2022 at 7:12 am

Wendy Williams is not returning to her daytime talk show, at least not for weeks, as producers announce the new lineup of famous guest hosts.
‘The Wendy Williams Show’ just issued a press release promoting the talent who will be filling in for the ailing talk show host, including Sherri Shepherd, Michael Rapaport, and Fat Joe.

Fans of the show will be upset to hear the important information in this release, including that Wendy will not return until at least the beginning of March. Producers of the show have booked guest hosts for all of February, with Rapaport’s week ending on March 4. The show didn’t indicate if Williams will be back in March, or if they are still trying to book talent to host ongoing.

Wendy Williams Will NOT Be Returning To Her Show For Weeks

“‘The Wendy Williams Show’ continues to fill Wendy’s seat with exciting guest hosts for all-new episodes during the month of February. Beginning Monday, January 31, through Friday, February 4, comedian Michael Rapaport takes the reins,” the show said.

Adding, “Then, on Monday, February 7, through Friday, February 11, hip-hop icons Fat Joe and Remy Ma return to give their juiciest takes on the hottest stories. On Monday, February 14, through Friday, February 18, show favorite Bevy Smith and entertainment reporter Terrence J make their debuts as co-hosts. Then, starting Monday, February 21, through Friday, February 25, actor, comedian, and Emmy Award-winner Sherri Shepherd makes her return to give the audience her hilarious and unique opinions on all the stories that matter.”
Lastly, “Michael Rapaport returns to close out the month, taking over the hosting duties from Monday, February 28, through Friday, March 4.”

Sherri Sheperd, Michael Rapaport Filling In For ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

At this point, producers haven’t updated fans on Wendy’s condition — or how close she might be to returning to her purple chair. As we reported, Wendy has been receiving treatment for several ailments including an ongoing battle with Graves Disease. 
Interestingly, there have been several stories about Wendy’s health that have been discredited by her representatives. “The health issues are inaccurate and any speculation about her not returning to the show is just that: speculation,” her publicist reports.
But, Williams was photographed leaving a facility in Florida, and several times being pushed in a wheelchair. 

Wendy Williams Is Battling Ongoing Health Issues

Sources close to the situation say, “The truth is a lot of the stories that you are hearing about Wendy are true and they are coming straight from the staff,” according to Page Six. 
Another outlet added, “The spark is gone. That Wendy, who for 10 years had that spark in her eyes, that cheeky grin, and that little wink is not the same now. She’s not always functioning like she used to be. She has days where she needs help eating, getting out of bed, and getting dressed.”
Fans are pushing for Wendy to address the situation via video, from her home. But, a source close to the talk show host says, “Fans shouldn’t expect a video address from the host, at least for now.”

Talk Show Host Rushed To A Hospital For ‘Psychiatric Evaluation

It should be noted, Williams made front-page news after being rushed from her NYC apartment to a hospital in September for a “psychiatric evaluation.” According to reports, the talk show host was voluntarily admitted and was struggling with mental health issues for some time. At the time, Wendy was suffering from COVID-19, but with minimal symptoms.
A spokesperson for NYPD confirmed a call was received around 9 AM requiring an ambulance to transport a 57-year-old woman from Wendy’s building to Beth Israel Hospital. “It has been a very difficult time for Wendy. She’s a single woman with very few friends. She lost her marriage, her mom, and is living alone,” a source said. Adding “There is a lot on her plate.”
It’s unclear when Wendy Williams will return to her show.

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